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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

"A Little Heaven on Earth" ~ By K. M. Romano COPYRIGHT © 2012 By Katelina M. Romano

"The man who doesn't relax and hoot a few hoots voluntarily, now and then, is in great danger of hooting hoots and standing on his head for the edification of the pathologist and trained nurse, a little later on."  
~Elbert Hubbard

We humans-have the potential to run ourselves rugged one day, if we don't take the time to relax our mind, body & soul every now and then.  The busy schedules we set for ourselves and our not having enough hours in the day to complete it all, can pile undue stress on us.  When we put ourselves through the wringer on a daily basis-it can age us quicker, not to mention the impact it will have on our overall health as time goes on.  We seldom ever take the necessary breaks we need to unwind.  If we don't prioritize some 'me-time' on our extremely long list of things to do, it will always be at the bottom of that list and never get done.  We need to allocate a certain amount of time in the day (week or weekend), for stress relief.  We will never find the "perfect" time for that much needed R & R, but when we purposely set aside rest and relaxation-time, (adding it to the priority section of our lengthy list)- then it becomes important enough for us to consider.  This is where responsible, trustworthy babysitters become like GOLD to overworked, overstressed parents.

There will always be bills-that require long hours of hard work and plenty of overtime- to pay; there will always be things that need to get done and not enough hours in a day to do them.  At times we just have to pencil ourselves in for some much needed rest and relaxation or we will run ourselves down to the ground...six feet under.  Your body needs time to recharge that internal battery.  That marvelous brain works better as a result and you normally end up with more energy-which is vital-in order to get things done more efficiently anyway-(win win).

Sometimes men and women have different ideas as to what they would consider R&R.  Take me for instance; give me an hour (or more) of a nice relaxing massage in a beautiful Spa-where they play soft, meditative music and greet me with a Mimosa upon entry- and I'm in heaven.  Oh!  Did I forget to mention the aroma therapy?  (Cheshire cat grin).   

Stress relievers can guide you into a place of paradise, and upon return to your usual routine- you find that you're feeling significantly refreshed with a new, rejuvenated perspective on life.  If not, then you truly haven't found your happy place.  

I asked a few of my male friends/family members to share -what they considered to be their ideal place for R&R; although some answers didn't surprise me, ***cough- s, cough, -e, cough- x... the others sure did.  Below are some of their responses:

  • Foot Massage
  • Comfort Food
  • Me time
  • Wife/girlfriend going out of their way to relieve that stress
  • All day, uninterrupted sleep-a-thon
  • A thoughtful gift
  • Boat ride (alone) 
*I posed the same question to some of my female friends/family; here were their answers:

  • Spa-all day, (number one answer, lol)
  • Movie Theater-alone
  • Deserted farmhouse surrounded by a quiet forest and a pond
  • Meditation
  • Acupuncture 
  • Poolside- bathed in the sun
  • Sleep/nap
  • Music
As stress is detrimental to our health, stress relief becomes one of those important things that when you give it enough thought-it makes sense that we should add it as a priority on our to-do list.  I found the following link a fascinating read:

"As science gains greater insight into the consequences of stress on the brain, the picture that emerges is not a pretty one. A chronic overreaction to stress overloads the brain with powerful hormones that are intended only for short-term duty in emergency situations. Their cumulative effect damages and kills brain cells." [Read more, link below]

I truly hope that you have found a way to unwind and rejuvenate your spirit for a new- refreshed you.  If you haven't, take out that handy calendar or planner-pick a time that you can set aside, (where the children are properly taken care of)-and write the word 'relax' in that spot.  Now you have- until that time- to figure out just where your happy place would be in order to make it happen~ good luck!

Question:  Have you found your happy place?  If so, do share...


Friday, October 5, 2012

ENTICE ME WITH YOUR SCENT~ By K.M. Romano COPYRIGHT © 2012 By Katelina M. Romano

"That inviting scent ~ a profound revelation to my spirit; a manifested guide that 
engages my soul into a dance of anticipation and salient delight.  That enchanting aroma-your signature-a validation to my heart that you exist and a reminder-
when you leave, that you're somehow still there; your scent upon my lips..."
~COPYRIGHT © 2012 By Katelina M. Romano. All rights reserved

There is something about that special someones scent, that once revisited-either 
brings with it cherished memories or makes you want to bolt the opposite direction- 
quicker than your shadow can flee from an instantaneous flicker of bright light.

A scent can make a person smile, it can activate your salivary glands or make your 

facial muscles twist in disgust- alarming a passerby- who would probably go and 
assume you're either in extreme pain or in deep need of a restroom-pronto!

I love the idea of adding elements to your persona that together with all the 

intriguing aspects of your entire being is the equivalent of a fancy ribbon-placed
delicately on a gracious gift.  That's how I view the use of an alluring perfume or
cologne.  It's that finishing touch branding you with a sense of ardor, allowing your
signature to linger in the air as your legs carry you forward-trails of total
awesomeness in every corner you aim to grace with your perfumed presence. 

When I was younger, I remember moments (after a date), that an awe-inspiring
cologne might of clung onto a borrowed jacket or scarf.  When in the safety of my 

home-behind closed doors, I would hold that delicious scent to my nose with my 
eyes closed, inhaling the memory of that spellbinding date.  It would inspire images 
in my extraordinary imagination, giving me another glimpse of a person whose 
beguiling scent stayed with me-long after they were gone.
I must admit that I'm extremely picky as to what scent(s) I find captivating.  

There are fragrances that I've had the pleasure of stumbling upon that absolutely 
boggled the mind.  Then there are others that seem to give that Oh, so obnoxiously 
potent-'I bathed in it' air, the kind that makes one cough profusely when that 
walking bouquet of oblivious toxicity passes you by...stunned because you're
suddenly turning green.

Truth be told, I'm a bit of a closet geek, who loves to read intriguing articles that 

educate the mind.  Articles normally found in different magazines for various 
scientific studies that pretend to explain the: who, where, when, what and whys 
of the human body.  In particular, fascinating articles dealing with our complex 
human brain are my favorite.  I'm curious by nature in my attempts to 
understanding the various reasons behind why humans react-for example-
differently to certain scents.  The kind of fragrances that then evoke a sensual 
response either going straight to your e'hem- lower anatomy or especially for 
women--going straight to our heart.  I've read many articles that attribute 
certain responses to the differences in male and female brains, but I believe 
that your own body chemistry, having added to the perfume or cologne's 
unique signature-makes for one slightly different-"only you" scent.  In my 
unprofessional opinion, I imagine this would probably explain why any one 
individual may smell a perfume or cologne on someone else, find it an alluring 
scent on them-- then after going out and purchasing that little expensive 
bottle--you end up hating it on you.

Nevertheless, there is something quite electrifying about wearing delicious 

scents and allowing them to mix with our own personal body chemistry; 
creating a unique captivator of lost-puppy dog-eyes and enticing souls with 
a spellbinding signature scent that is all yours.  A scent can evoke such an 
emotional response, bringing you to the brink of agreeable madness-delivering 
flavor to your love-life.  It can either work for you or against you~so choose 
wisely ;) 

I usually have two favorites:  one for special occasions and the other for daily 

use.  My current favorite perfumes happen to be some of the Ed Hardy and 
Juicy Couture scents; but I often change, always finding something new that 
depending on my mood, might project my character better. 

As for men's fragrances, one of the most memorable cologne's that having 

activated my olfactory nerves, left them utterly embellished in some celestial 
realm of pure euphoric gratification--- 
I never did find the name of that cologne, lol;  but alas, there were others 
that I did enjoy and I've found them to be slightly similar to that one 
mysterious, albeit nameless fragrance from long ago.  
Jean Paul Gaultier for men- in it's seemingly brawny shaped aqua-blue bottle 
of perfection is one of those scents that I think smells divine, but nothing has 
outdone that other unforgettable scent. 

Whatever your signature scent might be, appreciate that you have elegantly 

decorated your persona with enticing flavors-having mixed your personal 
body chemistry with an alluring scent, producing a lovely aroma - somewhat 
unique and your own.

QUESTION:  What scents on a man or woman do you enjoy?