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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

ROMANCE IS NOT DEAD! By Katelina M. Romano Copyright © 2012 All Rights Reserved

"Oh to be swept away by the rip-current of passions first kiss; plunged into a sea of paradise, basked in the tingling sensation of desire-streaming down to the very core of our yearning; to stabilize or move becomes a curse when our entire existence wants only to melt away." ~Katelina M. Romano © 2012 All Rights Reserved

Do you remember your first kiss?  Was it your best?  Me either, lol.

The most impressive kiss, memorable romantic moments; the amazing fireworks that wake your spirit to the rhythm of seduction that entices your soul to a dance of carnal bliss.  That very bliss you desperately try to duplicate-long after it's gone.  ***Sigh...

There are many firsts in a woman's life and of those, the romantic interludes that make
unforgettable impressions-from loves first bite are often brought back to light-when
we stumble upon a great romantic read.  Sorry gals, I'm afraid we can't go back in
time;  we're unable to experience 'first' anythings again-once they're gone.  They
remain stored in our memory banks-there only to reminisce upon when certain triggers
pave the way.   But if it was remotely possible to turn back the hands of time, I'd be
the first in line to travel back in time-with the sole purpose of opening up a can of
whoop-a**-slapping some sense into my younger self-for having trialed duplicate
tough lessons-repeatedly, in order to indulge in eureka-type moments of educational
When we grow up, we learn to hate Cinderella for all the convoluted images of
happily ever afters and prince charming bravado she falsely led us into believing would
be our first experience in love, lol.  Of course, I'm kidding.  I don't blame Cinderella... 
entirely.  I share that blame with her pompous friends...Belle, Jasmine, Ariel, etc.
and don't get me started on Barbie.  Ha!  Ok, veering off a bit-just having a moment... 
sort of...


The heroes of Romance that bring emotional circumstances to life; those that remind us
of enchanted moments in one's past-when a certain someone made you feel cherished,
adored, loved- thrilled to the point that your toes curl--should I go on?  The
fictitious heroes that we regard with high esteem for reminding us of the beauty & luxury -
that symbolization-of a coveted milestone in our growth, they unknowingly fill our hearts
with absolute wonder.

The fun in fiction is that there are infinite possibilities and your creative experience
becomes one unhinged, openly available to perfection in an imperfect world;
happily ever afters, sensual adventures- but above all, my favorite--the romance.
So many try to master that enchanting art and unfortunately fail miserably.  In my
opinion,  I think it's because many don't keep the following in mind:

A.)  First, the other party should actually--(drum roll please)--enjoy romance; the
one who you're trying to entice should be a romantic.  If this other person has
absolutely no interest or appreciation for romance, you're just not going to get the
reaction you seek.

B.)  Secondly, there has got to be a mutual chemistry between the two or sorry,
it's just not going to work.  There is this thing called free will and no matter how
much you try- you are NOT going to fit a square into a round hole-it's just not
going to happen.  Some people have tried to force romance and "woo" their love
interest, when they're fully aware-deep down inside, that this person is just not
into them.  The attempt to use romance as a tool to getting someone hooked,
then becomes one set for failure.  I don't know about you, but that has never
worked on me.  In fact, being a person of heart, it puts me in an uncomfortable
position; one where I am forced to bear the weight on my shoulders of inflicting
pain on another.  Emotionally, haunting-agonizing pain.  IMO emotional pain can
stand to be more unbearable than physical pain; it involves nearly all of your senses
and can lead to feelings of despair-plunging you into an oasis of darkness, depriving
you of your energy, leaving an empty shell in it's wake.  In my past, long ago-I was
confronted with the gift of a heart, I simply could not respond to (because I had
absolutely no interest in the guy).  I ended up feeling the urgent need to communicate
as clear as possible- that the feeling was just not mutual.  Dropping hints here
and there was just not working.  I had to spell it out so there was no room for
misinterpretation, (as painful as it was to do).  Things then ended up awkward
between us...when we could have been great friends.  Hmmm, on second thought,
I'm not sure if friendship is even possible when one of the two is attracted to the
other-that would have to be another blog post, lol.  Nevertheless, in my past, if I
wasn't the least bit attracted to someone, they could recite all the words to
CASABLANCA, shower me with gorgeous diamonds, attempt to seduce me with
a sack full of gold and it would never alter my feelings or change my mind.
If that was the case I would have been married to a doctor right now driving an
elegant Mercedes Benz, but I passed that crossroad decades ago.  I'm not that girl.

It's not the healthiest plan of action to try and use romance as a tool to gain access
to any individuals heart, especially when you see with those God given eyes that the
other party isn't responding with the same sentiment.  That has got to hurt, you're
putting yourself in a precarious position.  Before you attempt to wine & dine, or prior
to giving them flowers and lavish gifts-use that marvelous brain of yours.   You have
all that is needed when you remove the veil in order to see with open eyes; you can
get a sense for whether or not that person you're trying so desperately to woo is
interested at all; unless of course you're wearing some type of self-inflicted pseudo-
blindfold. Sometimes accepting that the answer may very well be no- is a necessity
to save you needless pain. If all else fails, ask!  So many dismiss something as simple
as verbal communication and it's so vital a tool in any type of a relationship.  If you
are so uncertain as to whether or not that other person harbors any feelings for you--
open that mouth, move those lips and let your vocal cords sound-off, getting you
the answers that seemingly have you hanging on the edge of that cliff, wondering in
suspense.   Too many people try to play psychic or attempt to 'figure it out' --

C.)  Last, if you're going to do it, do it right.  Incorporate plenty of your heart, take
their distinct qualities or any known interests into consideration, keeping them in mind
for your plan; don't be afraid to personalize-get creative.  Too many people get lost in
the moment,...tailor it.  The tiniest of details proves you've been paying attention &
perhaps highlights certain things about that individual that you possibly love.  Do you
know if she likes chocolate?  Or will she break out into some orgasmic-type allergic
reaction, never wanting to hear from you again...  Which are her favorite flowers-roses
or perhaps daisies?  (She may hate both).  What is her favorite color?  What details do
you know about your potential love?  What are her likes, dislikes-dreams or desires?
Go that extra mile.  True romance comes from the heart and you must put some effort
into it-no lazy pants, she'll notice.  If there is a mutual attraction, the fireworks of that
astounding encounter can illuminate the heart and magnify the attraction that led you to
one another in the first place. 

You know, I was shocked to learn-once I'd matured (after forgiving Cinderella-
-and the others), that not everyone was a fan of Romance.  I love the art of
romance, but so few have mastered it or put forth that unfathomable effort to do it right.
When I experienced my first romantic encounter; my mouth went dry, vertigo took
over and there were butterflies in the pit of my stomach;  I was light headed, there
were twinkling stars hovering over the crown of my head-topped with a rapidly
thumping heart-beating a tachycardia-type beat.  At least thats how I remembered it, lol.
Those memories put a smile on my face every now and then, especially if I'm reading
a great romance and the characters do something remotely similar to my memory of those
profound moments-which at the time positively took my breath away.

What?!  You have never had such an episode?  No way, what a sin!!  Well then,
you my friend have never tasted magic ;) All the more reason why you should make it
a nightly ritual to put on your favorite jammies, plop down onto that comfortable sofa
and get lost in a fantastic, romance novel-soaking in a steamy bath of nostalgia.

I still believe that TRUE ROMANCE is very much alive.  But the confusion of ill attempts
and mismatches of chemistry has led some astray; halted by fear of rejection-unable to
brave it-apprehensive as to whether or not their attempts will be accepted warmly.

Romance should be about expressing your emotions passionately in order for you both to
appreciate the reactions that the combination of your energy & efforts instill in one
another.  When two hearts-attracted and excited at the prospect of being together-find
that magic in each other, the odds of that unity becoming an awe-inspiring element of
devotion; taken over by cupids arrow...those unbelievable odds would therefore be very
much in your favor.

Is romance dead?  I say absolutely, one hundred percent-yelling off the top of my
head, "NO!"  But it takes a mutual chemistry & attraction; a true debonair and a willing
real life princess who fully appreciates the effort of the act and is able to reciprocate with
an embracing appreciative heart and an air of grace.  When not readily available, I say--
a great Romance Novel is a fantastic substitution ;)

QUESTION:  What was your most memorable romantic moment?  If you have never
experienced such an event, comment on what you imagine that perfect moment to be,
what would sweep you off your feet?  (You never know who is reading as fate can
match hearts in the most unexpected of places.)

Thursday, September 13, 2012

LET YOUR LIGHT SHINE: Are you a human robot? By Katelina M. Romano Copyright © 2012

“Why are you trying so hard to fit in, when you were born to stand out.” — Oliver James

There are times, in my experience with social networking that I encounter what I call, human robots.  Whether you use social networking for professional purposes or personal endeavors, if you don't share at least a little of who you are, then you are letting your followers/fans/friends down.  Your depriving the world
of that rare opportunity to witness the original-non
duplicated magic that is all you, there is no other
exactly like you in the world.

Everyone of us is born an original specimen, no other person in this overcrowded world matches you or me to every detail of our being.  We could go to a lab- (if cloning was legal)- clone one another and we would find that the end result would be similarities but not one hundred percent identical entities.  Our genetics, our experiences, education;
even the interactions we have with others will all affect who we come to be, both
the positive influences and negative.  Even identical twins share differences that make them unique to the other. For example, The American Journal of Human Genetics divulged that there were differences in identical twins DNA sequence (among other things).  So why is it that so many, abandon all they have to offer of themselves in order to please everyone else around them, filling this sort of fictitious role in order to fit in.

When we try to fit into a certain social dogma, we are not being true to who we are; in essence-we are tweaking ourselves, our image, who we were meant to be, in order to make everyone else see us in a way that we think would be an acceptable image-making
ourselves absolutely miserable in the process.  It's also especially stressful and mentally exhausting to try and be someone who you are not, just so you can fit it.

How liberating it is when you finally find your voice; when you're not afraid to take off that social mask and allow yourself to just be; setting your spirit free- letting the world see your luminous light in all it's enigmatic beauty.

Being professional is one thing, caging up who you are in order to fit a certain expectation and replacing your personality & passions with a robotic representation is the equivalent of living life as a robot IMO- in order to please others; that can't possibly be a happy, truthful internal environment.

I'm not saying don't use etiquette.  I'm not saying there isn't a place for professionalism. But I AM saying be very human in your attempts, allowing others to see the fascinating and unique entity that is all you.

I'm a person that up until my adult years, I've lived my life overly aware of others projection of me.  The constant worry, the custom ideation that we tailor to fit in-it doesn't help us in our life journey.  We all have gifts whether you see them or not, that were meant to be shared with others.

In my spiritual growth, I've concluded-that I'm so much more than I ever gave myself credit to be.  In my quirky-march to the beat of my own drum self image, I've found a soul that is all loving, not perfect but equally valuable with something to say, do and experience in
this journey we call life.   This is me, in all my 'Lucille Ball' type glory (laughing here) and I am quite comfortable in this skin now.  I hope you're comfortable in your skin too :)

It's refreshing to experience people who aren't afraid to bring down their walls, who can still demonstrate professionalism, individuality and proper etiquette without losing sight of the human experience and all the pleasantries of the rapport that you give birth to as a result.

Do you allow your personality to flourish in social media or do you strictly adhere to guarded business tactics-choosing to present yourself in a way that goes against your natural character as a result?