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Saturday, April 7, 2012


"Inspiration guides the mind, it makes a home in ones heart-it's what drives me."
K.M. Romano

The wheels must keep turning.  The energy that one needs to roll with those
invisible punches that life keeps thrusting your way-a necessity.  The symbolic
"gasoline" that a person needs to prevail has to come from somewhere.  You
cannot just plant yourself on park and expect things to magically fall onto your
ever-waiting lap.  This inner force, a compelling drive-guides you; your passion
stimulates the ride and the desire to succeed brings it all home.

So many crazy things are happening in the world, that it's easy for clouds to
settle over your entire being, inundating you to a place of utter darkness,...
misery.  I say never allow it.  You must become your biggest cheerleader,
finding the will to pull you through and give yourself a swift kick in the bum.

I thrive on inspiration.  People who are kind to you when they have no reason
to know you, a kind word, a warm smile...a friendly face, all fully noted.  Even
more amazing are those that you stumble upon who have set their goals, reached
their dreams and changed their stars-all the while fighting a force so grave, pushing
against the wind...yet reaching their destination-making it all the more gratifying.

I personally live a high stress life.  Events have altered my world in such a
dramatic fashion these past couple of years.  So you must understand the
importance of those that I would deem my energetic life-line, my inspirational
gasoline-that volatile, flammable liquid...my fuel.

Facebook has become a force of nature, where it's allowed me to connect
with some of the most intriguing, beautiful souls and I'm grateful for the
experience.  I'm honored by the many inspirational friends who have blessed
my life with their presence.  They unknowingly made me feel whole again
at a time when I thought I was at the final chapter of my own story, but alas...
there is more.

Inspiration to me is that vital, much needed element-that spark; it feeds the
fire that gets you moving having heated your bum, so you get it done.

We are in the final stages of my novel and I'm really excited.  I'm looking
forward to it's completion and when I can share more, I will.  I'm also working
on a couple of other projects and again, will share more when everything is

Thank you for visiting and reading whats currently on my fertile mind, tugging at
my boundless heart.                    

K.M. Romano