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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Shock Value! My style of writing...

When writing in the land of fiction, (my favorite), the possibilities are endless.
I believe that the best writers are those that write what comes from the heart,
manifests in that marvelous brain and is not limited in any way, shape or form
by rules of any type.  Writing freely, what comes to mind, in that moment one is
writing, uninhibited expression, your creation. 

I like to think that I've included at least one element (just a little), of this thing
I like to call, "Shock-Value" in my writing.  What do I define as SV?  It's that
little erratic ingredient that most mad scientists save for that last kaboom moment,
of whatever it is their concocting, lol.  It can really be anywhere in the story,
beginning, middle or end.  It's what most writers shy away from because it
might be seen as a bit obscene, too gross or maybe even controversial.
Just a pinch of it is enough for me.

Whether it works for me or against me-has yet to be seen, but it definitely
seeks to push the boundaries at least a little.  I'm willing to take that chance.

I think it makes for a realistic essence to the story; I like to mix fact with
fiction and include things that really happen in every day life, (you just don't
talk about it).   Harmless fun in the land of fiction, adventurous, atypical

An author's personality can unexpectedly appear in their writing
unintentionally too.  I for example love to laugh and enjoy a good practical
joke here and there.  I've been known to push the envelope and go that
extra mile for a good, jolting guffaw with family and friends.

Another note about my writing, I don't like to be married to one genre.
I enjoy writing what I am inspired to write, be it horror, romance or
science fiction.  One moment, I may be inspired to write a story about
love, another a gruesome horror; things that my fantastic brain has
conjured up in a nightmare or two.

Regardless, I think when your writing fiction, you should 'go with it'
and see where it takes you, without restrictions, allowing your mind in
the drivers seat.  When you look at what you have created you can
marvel at how effortless it came to be...

♥Like Bruce Lee said in "Enter the Dragon"....."Don't think....feel"♥

Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Story Wrote Itself!

I've often heard many writers say, that their story wrote itself.  Until I started on
my very own writing journey, I never really understood that little phrase.

Indeed, my Romance Novel wrote itself.  I found myself unable to write as fast
as the 'movie playing in my head' was playing out.  There was no pause button, it just
kept going.   I would be driving my son to his Occupational Therapy sessions
and the movie would begin to play, where it last left off.  I would purposely,
mentally play a scene over and over again, to embed it in my memory so that
as soon as I could, I would write it down.  The excitement of the scenes
playing in my head, was palpable.  Things would happen in my over active
imagination automatically.  I found myself an onlooker as scenes would take
on a life of their own, inside my head.  It was actually quite fun, lol.

The inspiration for the love story came from many different avenues.  One in
particular was my very first, then second Italian soap opera.  The characters
were so passionate, beautiful to look at and really convincing that they were
in love.

I believe,that in order to make a movie/series about love, in order to validate
that it is any good, the person viewing it has got to find themselves falling in love
with the characters.  If you are a woman, the lead male character has got to
sweep you off your feet, much like the woman playing opposite of him.
I think it's safe to say that-this is the reason so many actors end up in
relationships with their leading lady, lol.  If the chemistry between them is
good and if they are indeed talented, what they create between the two of them
is nothing short of magic, on screen as well as off. 

Another inspiration was the very first Romance Novel I ever read.  I found
myself falling in love with the lead male character.  I have to be honest,
I would roll my eyes when I saw people reading a romance novel
in the past, lol.  Hopefully that karma will not come and bite me when
my own novel comes out, lol.  I will go one further to say, I thought it corny.
If the story didn't have amazing action, supernatural/paranormal subject matter
or some type of horror, I just wasn't interested.  Movies of course were
different, I for example love the movie "The Notebook," but was never
inspired to read the book before seeing the movie.  But of course, my
views are ever so different now.  Reading my first Romance opened
my eyes to another way of experiencing this magical thing we call

I believe, that where art is concerned, regarding the art of love in particular,
whether a picture, a story in a book or a movie, it has got to evoke some
type of feeling to the onlooker/reader if it is going to be credited as any good.
The audience has got to be moved.  That is what I hope to have achieved
in my book.

Right now, my book is still with the editors and will tentatively come out in
2012.  I'm excited about this story and will post more information as soon
as I can...in the meantime, thank you for visiting and reading my blog.
My forthcoming non-fiction essay and poem publication I will post details
when I can; I have also just submitted my short Sci-Fi story to a magazine.

I look forward to sharing this journey with you all.

Writing a Romance; What!? I have to write a love scene!?

Stephenie Meyer is one of my favorite Authors.  I learned in one of her interviews
that she wasn't comfortable writing a sex scene....(the details), neither was I, lol.

The only way that I can explain it, was that it almost seemed as though you would
be exposing your ideas/memories/experiences of any....intimate moment in your
memory bank, and putting them on paper for the world to see, lol.  It brings about
the images and/or feelings of exposing oneself naked; I can't explain it any better
than that....

Then, I stumbled upon some great advice from an experienced author.
"How To Write Sex Scenes: The 12-Step Program." By Steve Almond.
Omgoodness I found it extremely funny and informative.  A sort of guide.
This doesn't mean that I feel any more comfortable talking about it in public,
lol, but I can faithfully say that in a room with only my computer and my
story, it helped a great deal, in how to proceed with the love making details
for my characters.

I thought I would share the link, hoping to help any would be future writers
who found themselves in the same embarrassing predicament.  After all,
it's a part of life, when two people fall in love, they are bound to take it
to the next step...(hopefully when they are married, in case any of my nieces
are reading this), lol.